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Have you always had a calling of encouraging and helping others? Do you want to become a certified life coach, but don't exactly know how to make that first step?

I'd like to invite you become a part of The Say Life!™ Coach Institute, an International Coach Federation approved Continuing Coach Education program. During this program, you will learn the core competencies of coaching, how to conduct your own coaching sessions, and how to start your new coaching practice as soon as desired.

You will get:
✓ 4.5 Weeks of LIVE Group Coach Training + Actual Coaching Practice + Business Development
✓ One 1:1 Session on coaching technique
✓ Continued support through The Say Life! Coach Network
✓ After you finish the program, receive up to $70 for each new coach you refer to the program (Basic membership coaches receive $30/person, Elite coaches receive $70/per person)
✓ And more!

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For our future coaches interested in the Dr. Ethel M. Lassiter Scholarship, please follow the instructions below. Once your scholarship is accepted, you will receive your voucher code that will be applied.

To apply for the Dr. Ethel M. Lassiter Scholarship for The Say Life! Coach Institute:

Write and submit a 1-page essay via email

Describe what enrollment in this program would mean for you, your life, and your business

Discuss why you should be selected for this scholarship

Describe the legacy you want to create and leave on this earth.

Submit your scholarship to with the subject line: SCHOLARSHIP

Scholarships for the next class are going fast!

**if you need accommodations (ex. voice essay entry, etc. please contact Elyssa at

About Dr. Ethel M. Lassiter
If anyone knows Dr. Ethel M. Lassiter, you would know that one of her core beliefs is that education is paramount. 

In fact, she was late to labor and delivery to give birth to her daughter Elyssa partly because she was up working on her Ph.D. dissertation the night before she was due.  Throughout her career, she worked as a secondary and post-secondary educator and was a two-time fellow at the Harvard Principals' Institute (2003, 2013). She became the principal of Dana Road Elementary School, and retired in 2013. But retirement didn't stop her. Soon after, she founded EML Educational Consulting, LLC where she coordinated the Ministerial Advisory Council of Warren County, organized PRAXIS workshops in conjunction with the Vicksburg/Warren School District in preparation for state teachers’ exams, and provided summer enrichment programs for many elementary-level school children.

So as a way to honor her, and as a way to honor a cause she truly lived day in and day out, we announce the Dr. Ethel M. Lassiter scholarship. Although she passed in 2019, that doesn't mean her work has to stop. Now, thanks to your help, Ethel can continue her life's work for years to come. 

7 Modules

Orientation/[PLEASE COMPLETE] COACH Intake form

  • Welcome, Coach! + Meet your Coach Instructor
  • Our Curriculum / Course Overview
  • How to navigate your coach portal
  • Introduce yourself!

Unlock Coach Resources & Business Building BONUS Modules!

Week 2

  • The Stages of Effective Listening
  • The HURIER model of communication
  • Characteristics of an Effective Listener
  • Types of Listening
  • Asking Powerful Questions/Socratic Questioning Method
  • Zoom Link inside this module! 

Week 3

  • How to conduct your own coaching session
  • Observe a live coaching session
  • Cultivating the Collaborative Atmosphere of a Coaching Session
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Cues
  • Sample Coaching Session Format
  • Coaching Session Practice with Trainer Guidance and Feedback
  • Phrases and Coaching Techniques for your Toolbox
  • Zoom Link inside this module! 

Week 4

  • How to Enroll Clients & The Coaching Agreement
  • Enrollment Mindset
  • Sample Enrollment Session Outline
  • Phrases and Enrollment Techniques
  • Enrollment/Discovery Session Practice with Instructor Guidance and Feedback
  • Handling Objections
  • Zoom Link inside this module! 

Week 5

  • Choosing a Niche
  • Branding/Website
  • Marketing: Television/Radio and Social Media
  • Choosing Your Pricing
  • Creating Your Program Structure
  • Business Overview: Business Formation & Basic Bookkeeping Tips 
  • Zoom Link inside this module! 
Modules for this product 7
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